is your research & design lab

We create the near future by combining design & technology.

We craft things that make you smile.


Combining strong research insights, extensive technological know-how and years of practical knowledge, creates novel tangible things with a digital intelligence.

We are both your research and your design partner so we can bring an initial spark all the way to a delightful experience.


We research the entire ecosystem of services, devices, interfaces, users and their context in order to design compelling and seamless experiences.
  • user & context research
  • technological exploration
  • ideation & creative facilitation
  • strategic fit verification


We design stunning experiences that span the physical and the digital by blending creativity into our flexible methodology.
  • interactive concept design
  • digital ecosystem design
  • user experience design
  • future interface design


Our hands-on approach, diverse skill set and the right rapid prototyping tools enable us to very quickly produce working things.
  • technology detailing
  • interactive product prototyping
  • small series rapid manufacturing
  • prototype UX verification
But don’t take our word for it, let our work do the talking
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Anner Tiete

Besides designer, I often take the role of researcher & technology facilitator so I can translate strategic goals into design activities and make sure projects go beyond expectation.

Kevin Verelst

Designer / Technologist
Some call me a master in the art of visualising abstract concepts and being an electronics wizard who’s not afraid to code, helps tremendously in bringing these designs into the real world.

Jelmer Tiete

Engineer / Hacker
As the real engineer of I turn the wild concepts into actual working things and provide the code that makes them "connected and intelligent”.

Gera Bouma

Designer / Intern
With a passion for Graphic Design and Communication I’m eager to learn more and more. I will be supporting with online communication, documenting projects, design work and a lot more fun stuff.



At we often have to improvise and quickly hack things together with what is recently technologically possible, both in hardware and in software. If you’re a student or recent graduate in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Design or similar… and you consider yourself a hacker in the classic definition of the word : “someone who combines excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in performed activities” - we need you for an internship!

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